An Important Guide To External Building Cleaning

Based on the weight bearing ability, the suspended hiking platform could be split into 1000kgs, 600kgs, 800kgs, 500kgs as well as 250kgs etc. Based on the length of platform, it has 10m, 4m, 6m, 7.5m, 2m etc. The length of platform may be assembled to fit for various requests. Today the key sorts which are typically used in cleaning business include swing stage ZLP250 and ZLP630 as well as the length ranged from six to ten meters is popular.

Planning function before construction

  1. Check the work site and guarantee the program DCA dienstverlening. Examine the roof quality and make sure that it could be set up suspended job platform and certain the motion has no obstacle as neon lighting as well as billboard. The engineers model construction program.
  2. In order to make certain the building atmosphere with no wind, high temperature as well as snow, low temperature occurrence. The wind in website must under six levels.
  3. Prepare cleaning equipment for example bucket, gun, towels as well as sucker etc.
  4. 2 employees carry cleaning equipment, get into platform cradle and fasten safety belts.

Do safety inspection before operation.

  1. To check out the each components in work that is suspended platform(swing stage), for exam, if the fasteners, hoister, fittings, and security protection products in condition that is great and verify no concealed hazardous before work.
  2. To check out if the suspension mechanism installed on roof, fasteners, drawing rope are actually solid and verify no concealed difficulty of operation.
  3. In order to examine the length of reliability rope and find out if there was busted stocks or some harm on it.
  4. Fixed the basic safety rope and verify the length is much more than creating height.
  5. In order to examine the insurance belt employee used no harm.
  6. To check out whether the basic safety lock are reliable and flexible.
  7. To check out whether the fixed job in which the basic safety rope joined on the top part of building is securely.

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